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reticent but witty!

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LR (her dad’s fond moniker), by nature, was not one very fond of strangers and extended company. But once in the comfort zone she was quite the wit, keeping people in her company, in splits, recalling comic scenes from movies with great facility or even creating original humor spontaneously.

I recall one such very recent incident in the hospital. It was June. Lechi was lying in bed recovering from various procedures to drain fluid from her lungs. She was in pain and had a PCR. Jaggi(my brother), Chubbi (her youngest sister), Mathangi (older sister) and maybe one other person was in the room including me. To pull Chubbi’s leg, my brother pointed to the portable commode and asked her why she wasn’t sitting down? Lechini came back spontaneously with “She was saving it for you!”.


Written by asterix98

August 21, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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