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The red and gold biscuit tin

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Contributed by Mathangi


Lechi must have been 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 years old then. Amma was not well and we(L and I) were not allowed inside the upstairs bedroom as often. To cheer up Lechi Appa brought home a beautiful biscuit tin and gave it to Lechi who was with me in the bedroom, and told her to take it out and share with others. For  Lechi , it was the first time that she was given this honor to distribute it to us.

Lechi brought it downstairs and stood on the dining room sofa to show Shama , Rajesh and Kanchana. We all surrounded her and asked her to open it, shama shook it and declared “there is plenty”.  But Lechi smacked her hand and refused to open it. She was also starting to cry to we ran away to play outside.

Lechi came out and sat  on the front steps with the box firmly on her lap unopened. A while later Shama and others had left to go inside. I was looking for the ants under the pomegranate tree, poking at holes with a twig. It was dusk by that time and she comes running to me with the box.  I asked her if I can open it and she nodded and we went to sit on the side steps near the mango tree.  She placed the box next to her and let me open it. Lechi was thumping her feet in delight and finally the tape is off and we look inside.

With one finger she traces the ruffled paper while I point out the best of the lot. That was the first time I see jam biscuits and decide immediately that I would choose that and ask her to try that too. We both sat there licking the sugar crystals on top of the jam. I then  showed her how to open the sandwiched cookie to lick the cream inside.

We hear Appa calling Lechi and hurry back inside.  She climbs the sofa again and puts the biscuit tin on top of the air cooler next to it. Appa lifts her up to put her next to the tin and she gives a cookie each to the rest of the family.

Bedtime and Lechi is still holding on to the box. Amma takes it away and puts it on the  bedroom shelf telling her that she would be bitten by ants (“katta yerumbu”) if it is left on the pillow besides her.


Written by asterix98

September 19, 2010 at 4:35 pm

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  1. All these are priceless treasures of memories. Good that you’ve chosen to preserve them.

    Deepak Bellur

    July 15, 2011 at 9:22 am

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