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The math behind the internet

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This lecture was given by Margot Gerritsen – Stanford Univeristy.

The core ideas:

  • Web pages are represented as a massive interconnected graph with real and virtual (for mathematical convenience) links.
  • Importance of each page is determined by the importance of the pages linked to it.
  • Web pages and their inter-relatedness can be captured in the form of a giant multi-dimensional (represented by search terms) mathematical matrix
  • For rapid retrieval, this multi-dimensional space is reduced to a smaller space through projection (for example 3D interrelationships can be projected onto 2D accurately by carefully selecting an angle of projection that will preserve the interrelationships).

There were lot of equations and such in the lecture. I do not yet know of an easy way to capture it in a blogging platform. Nevertheless, the mathematical framework is so simple and elegant I would encourage you to find out more.

For me, it was pure cognitive pleasure. It gave me ideas for constructing a theory of human brain function which is simple and yet powerful. I think it can solve two fundamental issues in brain science: representation and rapid retrieval. I have shared some of my ideas with Prof.Gerritsen. Awaiting her response……..

Margot responded!! Will be meeting with her soon. Will keep you posted.


Written by asterix98

November 21, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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