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My daughter had her ears pierced a few months ago. Being very cautious by nature she has been favoring her ears expecting that it will hurt a lot if  anyone tries to replace the existing earrings with newer ones.  Recently, she put on a brave face and agreed to an earring change if I would apply “Emla cream” to numb her earlobes.

The mention of Emla brought about a flood of memories,in my mind, vis-a-vis Lechi. As our hospital visits were getting more frequent and there were an innumerable number of tests being done, Lechi was constantly being poked for blood draws, radioactive tracer injections, something or the other. In fact, I recall that many sites near her elbow and the topside of the palm were pretty bruised from all the poking (all of this was compounded by the fact that she had small veins). This is, mind you, on both arms!  We had requested her doctor to prescribe Emla (a local anesthetic that could be applied on the skin with a cotton swab) to alleviate these painful events.

When I look back, I am realizing how determined Lechi was, to fight the dreaded disease. Just like warriors paint their faces before getting on the battlefield, Lechi would apply Emla to her arms (with our help) and gamely head to her next appointment.  She was ready for war.


Written by asterix98

November 27, 2010 at 4:56 am

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