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Book Review : The Emperor of all Maladies

To use a contemporary metaphor, Cancer is the Voldemort of diseases, what with it vast array of Horcruxes and Death Eaters. Mukherjee’s narrative is lyrical, the language exquisite (here is a sample sentence from the book “..The gibbet and the graveyard – the convenience stores for the medieval anatomist-… “.) What an image! It is also a tale of innovation, creativity, serendipity, passion, and motivation on the part of a few key individuals driven to make a difference, where breaking the rules to advance the status quo is the norm.

Most of you know I lost my wife to this dreaded disease. I had been looking for such a book since her diagnosis and could’nt find one. I wish we had it then. Nevertheless, as Mukherjee traces the history, it is heartening to note that the fight to conquer this disease has made slow but steady progress. I hope, as many of you out there, as possible, can read this tour de force of science writing.

Much awareness raising is required for the more lethal forms (pancreatic cancer and metastatic melanoma, to name a couple). I hope after reading this book you are spurred into action to support the Harry Potter oncologists of the world in their fight to rid the earth of this dreadful malady.

This book is a keeper.Buy it, gift it, spread the word.


Written by asterix98

December 8, 2010 at 7:20 am

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