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I found these references in a WSJ article on cultural classics that teach us important life lessons( I picked two topics of interest to me but the article itself has more).

How to face death

Consolation in the face of death – Samuel Johnson

My last sigh – Luis Bunuel

The year of magical thinking – Joan Didion

How to fill  the God-shaped hole

Dialogues concerning natural religion – David Hume

If I get to read them I will update this post with some reviews.

I also came across a couple of other interesting forums

Onbeing.org – also a weekly show on public radio which deals with issues of  “faith and moral imagination”.

the stone –  a blog on NYtimes.com where contemporary thinkers from various disciplines write about philosophical issues.

This next one should be a fun read

Sleights of mind: What the Neuroscience of magic reveals about Our Everyday Descriptions  – Sptephen L Macknick, Susana Martinez- Conde and Sandra Blakeslee


Written by asterix98

December 26, 2010 at 6:30 am

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