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Here is a really interesting article for you. The title : Why Chinese mothers are superior?

The author is a Yale professor, no less. She offers what amounts to a sure fire recipe for raising extremely “successful” kids. Some key ideas. Parents know what is best for their kids. Humiliation and coercion are extremely important to get them past the initial hump in any endeavor. Self-esteem is overrated. Rote learning is absolutely vital. Well, you get the idea.

Not everything she says is outlandish (like practice makes perfect or kids intial resistance to try hard to accomplish tasks) but I can’t help marvel at her audacity to put out an article like this and WSJ condoning it to boot. I think it is totally tongue in cheek. Because it ignores so many things: base rates, motivation, creativity, and innovativeness, etc., etc., If she were really this clueless, it would really be a stretch for her to have made a full professor.

I also recommend you read the comments section for the wide spectrum of responses to this article.


Written by asterix98

January 11, 2011 at 4:27 am

Posted in parenting

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