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Here is the rebuttal to the Chinese mom article : In defense of the Western Mom .  As before, I urge you to read the comments section: some are pretty lame, some are very insightful.

From this pissing contest, it is amply clear that each parent thinks they know what is best for their kids (ironically, it is rarely that you will find complete agreement, even between the two parents in a household, on how to raise their own child ).  While every parent wishes that their child/children is/are successful (again the operational definition here can vary), what is important, in my mind, is not to fall prey to the danger of making one’s progeny vicarious vehicles for acheiving your own dreams and ambitions. In other words, they are not your showpieces.

PS: You will not find very many Jane Goodall’s, or a Jacques Cousteau if the parental influence is to always “color inside the lines” (a phrase I borrowed from one of the commentators).


Written by asterix98

January 16, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Posted in parenting

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