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I recently bought an iMac 27″. Excellent machine. Slideshows are fantastic. Beautiful icons etc.,

But I noticed a few zits. For one, Apple (and I suppose all the PC makers) have still not figured out alphanumeric filename sorting yet. For example, if you have filenames like image1…….image100, the user expects to see images1…10….20….in that order. Instead, alphabetical listing is as follows images1…10, 11, 12,…..19, 2, 20,21…….29 and so on. For how many decades have computers been around?? Apple prides itself on its user experience, this one fell through the cracks.

Another thing I found annoying: you cannot import your PC folder structure into iPhoto directly. You have to recreate these one by one within iPhoto!! Wow! what a concept. (I read on some forums that this had to be so because iPhoto is a database application. Huh!) Other annoying things: to include music into your slideshows or DVD you  have to put all of your music in the iTunes library. You cannot select the music from a folder organization outside of  iTunes. Also, you cannot export an iPhoto slideshow directly to iDVD (if you do you lose all of the effects etc., from iPhoto). So much for seamlessly moving your files from one application to another.

More hubris today….

I think today’s announcement that anybody wishing to publish content on Apple devices must now follow the app model and pay 30% of proceeds to Apple. The apple of the 90s is rearing its ugly head again……


Written by asterix98

February 18, 2011 at 6:51 am

Posted in apple, computer sorting

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