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This afternoon, I was waiting for my daughter’s turn at her dentist’s office. I looked around and picked up a copy of a January edition of Newsweek because it had Haiti’s earthquake tragedy on the cover. As I flipped through it I came across a very interesting article, in the religion section, entitled “Haiti and the Theology of Suffering“.

It starts out with this sentence “Haiti is surely a Job among nations” . The reference to Job is meant to highlight the plight of the Haitian people as an underprivileged lot that has seen much suffering.

Does that mean the Haitian people are not recipients of the benevolence of God? Theodicy (a term coined by Leibniz) tries to justify that God is omnipotent,omni-benevolent, omniscient. So what gives? When theologians and religious folk are confronted with such anamolies, they hide under the catch-all phrase. In the west, it is “God works in mysterious ways”. In India, it is ” Yeh sab Bhagwan ki leela hai”. (literal translation – All of this is God’s play). Huh! How romantic!  Humans have evolved checks and balances called social norms that keep us from degenerating into an Hobbesian society and yet our Beloved God in his playful mood will toy with people’s lives with impunity. Oh my God! What did I just say. I will now be banished to Hell on earth (Haiti?). 

For a much more erudite, brilliant, and devastating decimation of  the God delusion please read Dawkins book of the same name. Dawkins, of course, takes an extreme but necessary view to challenge organized religion.

Job found redemption in the end but for the people of Haiti it is nowhere in sight.


Written by asterix98

April 8, 2011 at 7:38 am

Posted in religion, science

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