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The Hindu is a daily newspaper published in India. This is the newspaper I grew up with.  I would occasionally do the crossword (pretty cryptic and fun) and also read a “spiritual” column on the last page. Some have been wonderfully informative and stayed with me.

More recently, my parents have been subscribing to the weekend edition of the Times of India, another newspaper. In the past couple of visits to India,  I have gravitated to one particular section, called the Speaking Tree. The topics are diverse, ranging from sex (yes! you read it right) to religion and spirituality (in my mind they are not the same thing but in common usage they are used interchangeably).

I came across a very well written article called It’s a Beautiful Life. The author has had three relapses of cancer. Here she provides a perspective of what it means to be in the here and now (much more eloquent than the new age waxings of many useless books out there on this topic). What is also interesting, is her beautiful, poignant yet matter of fact, presentation of the distinction between pain and suffering. In her words ‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option’.

(This also reminded me of a poster we had in the living room of my childhood home – “Change your thoughts and you change your world”).


Written by asterix98

July 11, 2011 at 1:53 am

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  1. […] an earlier post, I had discussed an essay called It’s a Beautiful Life. The author main point serves as the title of this blog. In some sense, she was pointing out the […]

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