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Imagine that you are in a lot of pain. Imagine that your arms have been abused by constant needle pokes. Imagine your body is being ravaged by disease. Imagine that you have had surgery in your neck which has now limited your range of head movement. Imagine that you have been told that your days on the earth are numbered. Imagine that you are lying on your recliner (eventually death bed). Now with a partial turn of the head you look askew at the clock on the far wall. Psychologically, what does Time now mean? What could be racing through your mind? Or is the pain and fatigue so great that it just doesn’t matter. This is a highly poignant image of Lechi that keeps playing in my mind over and over……..

Imagine there is a reasonably big living room. It has all the modern amenities (HDTV, surround sound, etc.,). Imagine in one corner of the room is a recliner. Imagine Lechi lying on the recliner. I walk towards her. As I am approaching, she is wincing in pain, with tears silently streaming down her cheeks. She looks at me pleadingly (I cannot forget those eyes). I don’t say much. I wipe away her tears with my hand. Stroke her hair. Go behind the recliner and start massaging her back.  An image that is gut wrenching to date…

I was recently on an overnight camping trip with my daughter’s class. The setting was a flat round meadow. A creek flowed tangentially across one portion of the meadow. The meadow was surrounded by hilly vegetation on one half and mostly dry hills on the other half. The night sky was absolutely beautiful, crystal clear and filled with stars. The milky way streaked across the entire length of the meadow. As I looked up, I found myself spontaneously talking to Lechi, as if she were one of those stars, and promising her I would take good care of our daughter.


Written by asterix98

October 6, 2011 at 5:27 am

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  1. my dear suresh

    undoubtedly you will – and i should say you are. i will call mahati as many times as you want and talk with her – pls tell her we love her very much and are there for here too.
    athi will retire in a year or two and then we will be there longer and help you out as well in all ways unless you know what happens.


    October 29, 2011 at 6:53 am

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