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This isn’t a page about me. I started writing this blog for two reasons: one) as an outlet for the expression of grief, thoughts and feelings I have been having about Lechi, my wife, who passed away, at the incredibly young age of 39, and two) most importantly, to create a journal for my eight year old daughter so she could get to know mom better when the time is appropriate.

I have found writing this blog extremely therapeutic. Over time I have ventured into many other topics. I have enjoyed writing them. Hope it stretches your thinking as it has done mine. Would love to hear from all of you.

Who Am I?

Kingdom: Animalia.
Phylum: Chordata.
Class: Mammalia.
Order: Primates.
Family: Hominidae.
Genus: Homo.
Species: sapiens.
Subspecies : sapiens
Generation : 4080
Hardware Rev : 2
Hardware Upgrade : Squash and Racquetball
CPU : Custom multi-core processor with efficient
hyperthreading and utilization
Software Rev : Mostly current
Software Upgrade : Automatic.
Modules Loaded : Engineering(MS), Psychology(MA), Neuroscience(PhD), Business(MBA), StreetSmarts (School of Hard Knocks)
Features Enabled : Please call.
Pricing : Please Call
Interoperability : Error free (BER 1e-15) most protocols (short and
long links). PnP/DLNA compliant.
QOS : Excellent
Screen Saver : Reading, Photos, Gadgets. more available.
Thermal : Excellent heat sink. Highly reliable at junction
temperatures exceeding 200C
Power : Vegetarian. Long battery life (> 10 hrs continuos operation)
Form factor : Lightweight. Fits comfortably in most offices.
Network : Scalable as needed
User Experience : 4.783 out of 5 (based on a gazillion reviews).



Written by asterix98

August 21, 2010 at 10:43 am

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