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A couple of weekends ago, my college friend visited me for the weekend. I took him on a tour of San Francisco. We did the usual circuit: Golden Gate, Fisherman’s Wharf etc.,  But we did one thing that was unusual, took a tour of the submarine that is anchored somewhere along the pier (right next to where all the tour boats pick up or drop off people).

I had never been inside a sub before. It was amazing.  During the tour, the brain was picking up the ever so subtle rocking of the ship. It was a little bit uncomfortable.

But what struck me most about the submarine itself was the layout of the beds, the crew quarters, the officer’s quarters, their “recreation” area, the kitchens (yes! you read it right, there were two kitchens, one for the crew and one for the officers), bathrooms, and the washer. For some visuals, see pictures below…

Beds right above the torpedo bay

Backgammon and chess - recreation on the dining table

The submarine dormitory- crew sleeping quarters

Washer cum Bathroom for the crew

Additional sleeping area

The officers have private “bedrooms”!

During the tour, I tried to imagine the lives of the service men and women who put themselves at extraordinary risk and discomfort to defend the freedoms we enjoy.  Post their tour of duty most veterans live out their lives in modest to difficult circumstances, largely abandoned by the nation(s) they defended. I say we should be showering them with economic benefits for all the sacrifices they mad(k)e. This dole is absolutely well deserved. 

To all the military men and women, I salute you for your motivation, bravery, and sacrifice. Thank You!

For the rest of you, I urge you to take a tour of the submarine, the next time you are in the vicinity. If you care to think about what you see, I am pretty sure it will add a new dimension to your worldview.


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March 27, 2011 at 5:26 am

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