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Scott Adams, I love this guy!  If you missed his brilliant piece – How to Tax the Rich –  in this weekend’s review section on the WSJ please read it. There is humor, biting commentary on politics, and loads of deep insights into human behavior (just like his cartoons).

Here is a follow up article – Best Ideas to Tax the Rich . More laughs…..

The premise : the rich are not excited by the idea that if they pay higher taxes they can actually save the country.  They need to feel that they are getting something in return.

Adams suggests that the country can reciprocate their paying higher taxes by offering five benefits : ”  time, gratitude, incentives, shared pain and power.”

Time benefits include , using carpool lanes when driving alone, preferential treatment at the DMV, parking in handicap spaces ……

Anyway, I don’t want to butcher it by paraphrasing it for you, read it…thoroughly enjoyable.


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February 3, 2011 at 6:38 am

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